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Colorful Tattoos

Common Questions From Our Clients

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!


What should I do before my appointment?

Sleep well the night before.
Eat before your appointment
Avoid alcohol or drugs (including painkillers)
Bring something to drink ( you may need to leave the studio to do this)
Bring payment
You can bring headphones if you'd rather listen to your own music
Bring your artist a tip, if you like.

What should i do after my tattoo appointment?

Your artist should give you aftercare tips, we have a printed version and we can also email you it. Aftercare products can be purchased at the time of payment too!

If you have any questions about your healing please get in touch!

What if my tattoo needs touched up?

You can have a free touch up within 3 months of your tattoo. If you haven't followed instructions or taken care of it - we can refuse.

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